Please read prior to ordering from CCD: Please remove one of your old center caps and look on the back. There will be a part number. This is the part number you will need to search on our website in the search bar. If your part number does not match exactly, it will not fit your wheels. We do charge a min. 25% restocking fee plus shipping both coming and going for all returns/exchanges. All display model center caps and items are sold as is with no returns or exchanges.

Before sending us in pictures for all four center caps, 

please know that four center caps typically range in price

 anywhere from $100 to $500 for four caps.

If you are missing all FOUR center caps, PLEASE mail us the following pictures. 

If we do not receive your pictures EXACTLY like the examples, 

we will NOT be able to help you.

We are no longer accepting emails with pictures/form requests for center caps.
If your center cap is not on our website, please follow these instructions to find a replacement center cap.

*if you send any other type of money order other than a United States Postal Money Order we will refuse your package*

We have a new program where you can mail us your pictures and a $25 US Postal Money Order (Must be purchased at a local USA post office).

How it works:
We get your pictures and based on the measurements we pull a minimum of 200 to 500 center caps to try and match it up with something new for you. Please keep in mind four new caps can run from $100 to $600 for a set of four, and anywhere from $25 and up for one cap.

If we find something to interchange, we call you and let you know the price. 
If we are not able to find anything, we mail your pictures back.
It's THAT easy!

Go to your local post office. Ask the clerk for a $25 postal money order made out to:
Center Cap Warehouse, LLC
Attn: Jen Haynes
3009 S John Redditt Dr. 
STE E395
Lufkin, TX 75904

Put your pictures in an envelope with the US postal money order, and your information, and ship to:
Center Cap Warehouse, LLC
Attn: Jen Haynes
3009 S John Redditt Dr. 
STE E395
Lufkin, TX 75904

Please include your:
Phone Number

Please note that the $25 fee is not applied to your purchase and is non refundable.


We will also need the following information:

Center Cap Warehouse, LLC
Attn: Jen Haynes
3009 S John Redditt Dr. 
STE E395
Lufkin, TX 75904


1. Year, make and model

2. Who makes the wheels (Manufacturer)

3. Style of wheel (wheel name)

4. What size your wheels are

5. Wheel finish (wheel "color")

6. Any stampings on back of wheel

7. Your contact information (Name, address, and phone number)

8. How many caps you need

1. Take a picture of the entire wheel.

2. Take a picture of the hole where the center cap goes with a tape measure down the middle/center of the hole. Do not take half pictures of the tape measure, as we need to see the ENTIRE diameter.
If your wheels have a small groove, or inset, be sure to start in that groove in or inset.

3. If your center cap attaches with a screw (you will be able to see a small threaded hole by the lug holes) we need to see the diameter of where that threaded hole is for the screw

If your cap is a pop on or push through, we need to see the grooves where the cap attaches with the clip, so please take a picture like this:

*The BLUE arrows show you where the grooves are*

If your wheel cap hole has NO grooves and is smooth take a picture like this:

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