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Please read prior to ordering from CCD: Please remove one of your old center caps and look on the back. There will be a part number. This is the part number you will need to search on our website in the search bar. If your part number does not match exactly, it will not fit your wheels. We do charge a min. 25% restocking fee plus shipping both coming and going for all returns/exchanges. All display model/used items are sold as is with no returns or exchanges.

Repair My Cap

Center Caps Direct now offers a service to repair your center cap. We can repair center caps with screw holes that have been busted/blown out, as well as caps that are broken in half. (See pictures below)

If your cap looks like the picture below, we can repair your cap, as long as your center cap is plastic. We cannot repair metal caps.
Cost is $55 for each center cap screw hole repaired (does not include repainting or fixing a screw hole and broken cap- see below for additional costs) and must be paid in the form of a United States Postal Money Order from any US Post Office. We do NOT accept any other forms of payment, and we only accept money orders from a US Post Office. If any other money order is sent, we will have to refuse your package.

Mail your center cap(s) and one screw to:

Center Caps Direct
Attn: Fix My Cap
3009 S John Redditt Dr.
STE E, PMB 395
Lufkin, TX 75904

Make postal money order out to :
Center Cap Warehouse, LLC
Attn: Jen Haynes
3009 S John Redditt Dr. 
STE E, PMB 395
Lufkin, TX 75904
Make sure you include one of your original screws with your cap so we know how to form the screw hole.
Without it we will not be able to repair your center cap(s) screw hole(s). If your cap does not need the screw hole repaired, you do not need to include a screw.

$55 price is per cap and is non refundable. The caps are repaired with plastic and painted on the repaired hole on the back or painted on the repaired portion of the cap on the back. At this time, we cannot re chrome center caps, however, we can re paint caps that are black, or custom colors . 
$55 is used for repair/materials and is also used for shipping the cap(s) and screw back to you and includes $100 insurance. If your cap does need to be re painted, please add $10 to the cost of $55, total would be $65 to repair and repaint your cap. This is not available from chrome finishes. If you need to have your screw hole repaired and a broken cap repaired, price would be $75 total, not including custom painting.

At this time, we are unable to repair caps that have broken clips.

Turn around time is approximately 1-2 weeks. 



We can also repair caps that have been broken in half.