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Please read prior to ordering from CCD: Please remove one of your old center caps and look on the back. There will be a part number. This is the part number you will need to search on our website in the search bar. If your part number does not match exactly, it will not fit your wheels. We do charge a min. 25% restocking fee plus shipping both coming and going for all returns/exchanges. All display model/used items are sold as is with no returns or exchanges.



1. If a wheel is discontinued can you still get the center cap?

No. If a wheel has been discontinued there is no way we can get the center cap from the manufacturer any longer. On occasion, in order to sell discontinued center caps, we do scrap wheels we are unable to sell due to various reason such as: wrong bolt pattern, wheels are blems, wheels are damaged, etc. etc. When this happens we will charge a premium for the center caps, in order recoup the monies lost on the wheels we cannot sell.

2. My center cap is not listed on Center Caps Direct .com, what do I do?

If your center cap is not listed on Center Caps Direct .com, please click on find my center cap and follow the instructions.

3. I placed the order but now Center Caps Direct is telling me the cap is no longer available.

In the event that a center cap is sold locally, Center Caps Direct will do everything we can to delete that center cap off of the website. In the event that you order a cap and are told we are sold out after you place your order, you will receive a refund or the option to place a special order for that same cap. In the event your cap has been discontinued and we are unable to order your cap, we will refund you the full amount.

4. Are your posted prices in Canadian or U.S. Dollars?

All prices are listed in U.S. currency. For currency converter, please use If you would like a price quote on international shipping, please send an email with your complete address and what you would like to order.

5. How long will it take for my order to get to me?

If we have the item in stock, we will ship it out UPS Ground or via USPS on either the same business day, or up to 4 days after you place the order. For example, if you order Friday after 2pm, your order will ship Monday or even Tuesday. If we have to order the center cap, it usually only takes a few days to get the order ready to ship, but can take longer if the center cap is backordered.

Being located in San Diego, CA makes it easy for us to order center caps and ship right away, usually within 3 to 7 business days. Most wheel companies are located either here in San Diego or 100 miles away in Los Angeles. West Coast customers can expect shipments to arrive in about 2-3 days from the time we ship, Mid-West customers are at 3-6 days and East Coast customers can expect about 5-9 days.

6. Where are you located?

We are located in Santee, California which is about 10 minutes outside San Diego. This means we are right in the middle of the aftermarket industry for wheels and tires. If we don't have it in stock, we can usually get it in within a few days.

7. Where do you ship?

We can ship almost anywhere in the world. We have customers from U.K. to Australia to Russia to Japan to Switzerland etc. All prices listed on the website are to the U.S. 48 continental states. If you would like a price on international shipping charges, please send us an email with exact shipping address and what you would like to order.

8. Why can't you ship to a separate shipping address?

This is for security purposes only and to ensure that no-one can use your credit card who isn't authorized. By having this policy, we protect the legitimate card holders. If you really need to ship to another address besides the billing address, you can call the (800) number on the back of the credit card to list an alternate address. They will allow you to list at least one other alternate shipping address.

9. Why do some caps stick out and others are flat?

The caps that stick out are mainly for Truck/SUV wheels only, (with some exceptions such as DUB Wheels), the caps that are flat are mainly for cars/FWD vehicles. Please note that cap styles are subject to change by the Wheel Manufacturers.

10. If I want to ship to Canada, will I have to pay taxes and duties?

Yes.There is no way around this. Please email us for a direct quote on shipping
to Canada. No matter where we ship in Canada you will be responsible for all
Duties and Taxes. NO EXCEPTIONS.

11. Does the free shipping on select center caps apply to international orders?
No. Free shipping on select center caps only applies to the USA.

12. Do you offer free shipping on all your items?
No. Only on a certain center caps do we offer free shipping. Please click on the picture in order to see if your cap qualifies for free shipping. The certain caps that do qualify for for free shipping will ship via USPS, not UPS, and will not include insurance.

13. Why do I need to get a part number? I know the name and size of the wheel!
99.99% of caps we sell have a part number on the back and most caps are made in MANY different sizes. We offer over 200,000 center caps- the only way we can guarantee fitment is to match your part number from the back of one of your old center caps to one of the center caps we have in stock. If it matches exactly, we can guarantee you it will fit. If it is off by even ONE number/letter, we guarantee you it will not fit.

14. Why do you charge a restocking fee?
We have hundreds of returns each week from people who choose to not get their part number. We have to have our employees RE-inventory them. That is why we charge a RE-stocking fee. If we did not charge a restocking fee, we would not allow for ANY more returns.

15. If I call and do not have a part number can you help me?
No. Please remove one of your old center caps and find the part number. Then we can help you and guarantee you get the right cap the first time.

16. I just received my cap and need to return it- what do I do?
Please click Returns at the top of the page.