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Please read prior to ordering from CCD: Please remove one of your old center caps and look on the back. There will be a part number. This is the part number you will need to search on our website in the search bar. If your part number does not match exactly, it will not fit your wheels. We do charge a min. 25% restocking fee plus shipping both coming and going for all returns/exchanges. All display model/used items are sold as is with no returns or exchanges.

Universal Center Caps

Please read prior to ordering: (Click here to order and see pictures)
We now present the world's first and only truly universal center cap system. (Patent Pending) Because there's a reason this has never been done before, we ask for patience on making sure this system will fit your wheels. We have invented a series of over 50 different pieces that all come together to form 1 center cap which should fit any wheel style that has a cap covering up the lugnuts. For now, this system is available in the following bolt patterns which DO NOT require lug bolts (excluding Audi, Mercedes, BMW): 5x114.3mm/5x4.5", 5x115mm, 5x120mm, 5x120.65mm/5x4.75", 5x127mm/5x127mm, 5x139.7/5x5.5", 5x150mm, 6x139.7/6x5.5", 6x135mm. Will not work on hubs that protrude out, such as 4x4 hubs.

If you want the logo to float in place when the wheels spin, we got that covered. If you don't want floater caps, that's cool too, that system will be $100 cheaper. You will receive about 5 or 6 of our part numbers to complete a set. If something doesn't fit, please give us a call and we will figure out which pieces need to be swapped out to make it work for your specific set of wheels.

Every year we plan on coming out with new cap styles, so if you get bored with your center cap game, keep checking back with us. We are currently taking pre-orders. The initial production run will allow us to start shipping orders in June, 2015. It's going to be limited to 100 sets on first run.  Click Here to Order.